Online Gambling Legislation at Its Turning Point

As all of us already know, online gambling is a very popular activity all over the world. As the popularity of the games increased, more countries got concerned about online gambling and what it would lead to or the problems that may come with it.

We are currently at a time when we are at the turning point of the situation, governments were mainly concerned about online gambling and the fact that it was an unregulated activity, but today governments are passed being concerned and have started looking for solutions.

Recently, it was Ireland that took another step in this process. The country is ready to tax all forms of online gambling, this includes taxation to all foreign online gambling operators that want to offer online gaming services to Irish citizens.

The tax will basically come down to a tax on advertising within Ireland. Any online gambling operator that wishes to promote their business within the Irish borders will need to pay a considerable tax to do so. Also, foreign casino operators are now required to obtain a license that will allow them to offer gaming services in Ireland.

This represents a big change because currently, offshore casino operators are not requires to pay any taxes nor obtain any type of license to operate in the country. Some online gambling services providers have predicted that this taxation system will fail as Irish citizens will continue to play at casinos that have not acquired a license.

Personally, I think that it is a good idea to tax the activity, however in the case of Ireland the tax needs to be accompanied by laws to prevent locals from playing on sites that do not fulfill the requirements to provide online gaming services to the country.

As I said, we are at a turning point and now is the time to find solutions for this issue that has been troubling all players and most governments.

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